Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow White

This post has nothing to do with the white stuff that is still constantly falling outside at the moment. Instead it's the name of a cross stitch chart that I've just bought myself for christmas!

It's a Little House Needleworks design which I think I'd really like to stitch on a pale blue.

I've started the quilting on my mini quilt so hopefully it won't be long before that's finished. I've managed to secure a spot on the wall upstairs to use for hanging quilts, maybe it'll be first on that wall.

Thought I'd share this winter garden image with you. This little fella here is a regular visitor of ours & has been for months now, after days of grabbing the camera when he turned up only to find him gone before getting chance to snap MrG has finally got a delightful wintery, christmassy picture. Don't forget to feed the birds this winter.

Happy stitching :-)


  1. Snow white is going to look so pretty on blue, I'm trying to decide fabric colour for mine. Love your picture of your feathered garden friend.

  2. Lovely new stash. It will look great on blue fabric. Great picture of the robin.

  3. Oh, Snow White is lovely and your little robin must be related to mine, they look so alike :oD

  4. I bet it will look wonderful on blue :o)

    I love your robins over there!

  5. Oh the robin picture is perfect! Would that make a lovely Christmas card?

    Merry Christmas, Lisa!


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