Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My Giant Pincushion

I simply have to share this finish with you asap.

I follow a blog called Spun Sugar Quilts, it's author is a lovely lady named Vickie whom I came across via Moda Bakeshop & have been following her now for many months. A few weeks back Vickie featured a giant pincushion on her blog & preceded to post a weekly SAL tutorial on how to make the pincushion either using a sewing machine or with traditional [English] paper piecing. You can see the steps for the tutorial on Vickies blog down the right hand side just underneath the photosteam pics. It is a great tutorial, easy to follow instructions & excellent images of the step by step process.

I really wanted to make this using my Liberty Prints that I picked up at the V&A Quilt Exhibition but before cutting up my lovely Liberties I thought I'd do a trial run using some of my favourite scraps. here's the result:

In the tutorial a button was used on the top of the pincushion & as I didn't have any buttons that went with my fabrics I decided to make a mini yo-yo & then stitch it upside down on the top of the cushion, I used the same fabric which I'd used on the bottom of the cushion. To me the yo-yo looks more like a fabric covered button so I'm really pleased with the result.

I can't wait to make another one now in my lovely Liberty prints.

Happy stitching :-)


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