Saturday, 27 September 2008

Time to....

.... get a grip & stop dicking around!!!!!

The babies are now 4 & a half months old & to be honest I probably still look like I'm about 5 months pregnant (with a singleton of course as nothing could compare to the size I actually was!). It's getting beyond a joke. I have about 3 pair of trousers that I can actually wear, a hand full of tops & that's it. It's getting on my bloody nerves but I know that the only one that can do anything about it me.

I've been a person that has struggled with weight all my life & to loose the amount that I did & be as happy as larry for such a long time was a dream come true. I certainly wouldn't be without my babies (sorry that should be OUR babies) but my god did I gain some weight. It's been heart wrenching to open my wardrobe & see all the lovely clothes that I can't actually wear. I've been refusing to buy hardly anything in my new size as I just see this as temporary & if one more person says to me "it took your body 9 months to get that big so it'll take just as long to get it back to how it was".... I think I'll be looking at murder in the 1st!!!!!

Well this week sees the start of something new..... watch this space :-)

Oh yeah & in the meantime I hope you enjoyed seeing what I consider to be the greatest photo ever taken... until we get another greatest that is ;-) xx

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